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Attendance Management System

Streamline Your Attendance Tracking with Idealsoft's
Attendance Management System

The use of a right time attendance software/ attendance management system can save your company a great deal of time and reduce errors that are often made by wrong attendance calculations. Save efforts, save time and thus Save money with a robust Web based Time Attendance Software

What is Attendance Management System?


Time attendance is a basic HR process affecting everyone and critical as a basic input to payroll processing. HR faces problems of integrating attendance inputs from different attendance logging systems e.g. cards, biometric scanners and manual attendance registers across all business locations. Each month a lot of HR time is spent collecting and reconciling attendance data before payroll can be correctly processed.

Attendance software gives you the ability to collect data from multiple sources and track your employees' time and attendance automatically as per the company rules and policies. Attendance software communicates with attendance devices to fetch employee punches from the device and calculate daily attendance based on day basis or work hour basis. It also calculates total work time, overtime, late in, early out for each employee in accordance with the rules that apply to an employee or a group of employees.


Here are some of the key features of Timelabs Professional which would help any organization, small or big, to track employees' time and attendance in the most robust and effective manner.


  • Dashboard – We tried to show the every information at a glance on dashboard. Admin can see notifications, change languages, check different types of reports with graph view.

  • User – Admin can create, edit & delete employee. User could be manged many ways like restrict using IP, set auto punch out time, force login as user and many others.

  • Designation & Holiday – Admin Can create, edit & delete both designation & holiday. Its possible to bulk assign designation to different user group. There any many easy ways to create bulk holiday also.

  • Leave – Admin can see & Approve / Reject all the leaves which are applied by user.

  • Notice – Only Admin can create notice, then user can see those notices.

  • Individual & Summery Report – Admin can generate both individual & summery report of users and export them as PDF, CSV, Excel.

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