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IdealChat for Facebook & Instagram

IdealChat — Facebook Chatbot, ECommerce & Social Media Management Tool

IdealChat mainly is a highly interactive Messenger bot with Flow Builder— a visual Drag & Drop Messenger BOT Editor. Because of the Flow Builder, building Messenger Bot becomes remarkably simple and surprisingly easy. Well, the Messenger Bot converses with people like a human being and easily turns them into your valued customers. IdealChat has a full-featured eye-catching Ecommerce platform that can, living in the very Messenger Bot, sell your products and take payments. As well, the Ecommerce platform could be opened on browsers. Besides Messenger bot, IdealChat has some striking and robust features that can do Social Media, Email, and SMS marketing. IdealChat is a multi-user white-level SaaS application— you can rebrand the application and sell its service to end-users.

Why You Should Choose IdealChat

It can accomplish everything possible in the present technology related to online marketing and selling.


Humanlike Interactive chatbot

ChatPion’s messenger bot can converse with your customers like humans. It can store information and use them to make the conversation more engaging.


Effective Social-media Marketing

ChatPion has sturdy features to do marketing your products via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and so on— publishing posts and replying to comments.


Full-featured Ecommerce Platform

ChatPion’s Ecommerce store can be opened on Messenger and the browser. It can sell your products automatically to the clients and take payments from them.


Highly Customizable Codebase

You can easily customize ChatPion from the front-end. Moreover, you can customize the codebase that is easy to understand.


Well-designed Interface

ChatPion’s every feature has a well-developed and steady interface. On the interface, you can easily and smoothly create campaigns for the respective feature.


Multiple Payment Gateways

ChatPion supports multiple payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe. With the payment gateways, you can take payments from the end-users and clients very easily.

Smooth and steady Dashboard

IdealChat has a properly structured and precise dashboard that lets the user use the application’s different features efficiently. In one word, IdealChat Dashboard is designed in a way that users can run the application appropriately. Also, the Dashboard gives information with Graphical Analytics.

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Watch The Intro

To get a complete and detailed overview of what ChatPion can do, watch the intro video, please.



Visual Drag & Drop Chatbot Editor

ChatPion flow builder will provide you an overall view of the whole interaction process of building chatbot. In one word, it is such a graphical editor where you can control all of the messages, actions, and interactions among them. You can accomplish the whole process of building your bot on the single graphical editor, without moving to and fro. Simply put, the add-on makes your bot building process pretty simple and quite fast. Most importantly, on the flow builder, you can easily feel the senses of your all messages.

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